PM2.5 Face Mask Filter for Adults and Kids
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PM2.5 Face Mask Filter for Adults and Kids

PM2.5 Face Mask Filter for Adults and Kids

Price: NZ$3.00 - NZ$10.00

Prices vary according to options.

Weight: 15g


Item description

PM2.5 face mask filters are available now!  We have 3pk, 5pk and 10pk for both Adults and Kids.

PM2.5 Face Mask Filters - 5 layers

Adults: 12.2cm x 8.1cm
Kids: 10.2cm x 7.1cm

Material: PP anti-sticking cloth (1st and 5th layer), Meltblown cloth (2nd & 4th layer) and activated carbon cloth (3rd layer)

How to use: Always clean your hands first. Insert the filter into the mask pocket. Place it to cover your nose and mouth. Put the mask on your face correctly. 

Replace once a week for casual use or good to last 50-70 hour use
(it may vary depending on frequency, length of use and conditions in use)  
Replace once soiled or wet
Non medical.
Disposable. Do not wash. 

Distributed by us from a MEDSAFE / WAND registered NZ supplier.