Beeswax Wrap Mix handmade in Rotorua New Zealand
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Beeswax Wrap Mix / ビーワックスラップミックス

Beeswax Wrap Mix / ビーワックスラップミックス

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Weight: 80g

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Item description

You can make your own beeswax wraps at home!

Beeswax wraps are great alternatives to plastic wraps. Reusable and ecofriendly.

Do you have extra cotton fabric or favourite fabric to make beeswax wraps? Here is Beeswax Wrap Mix!

The Beeswax Wrap Mix is made of New Zealand Beeswax, Ntural Damar Gum (Tree resin) and Certified Organic Jojoba Oil and ready to use. No grater needed! Prepare prewashed cotton fabric, an iron, an ironing board and baking paper.

70g to make 2 x Medium size beeswax wraps
Made in Rotorua, New Zealand

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE AN ALLERGY TO BEE PRODUCTS. If you have any concerns consult medical professionals.

*Tiny dark brown grains might be seen due to use of natural damar gum.


Product Name Beeswax Wrap Mix
Ingredients New Zealand Beeswax, Natural Damar Gum (Tree resin), Certified Organic Jojoba Oil.
製造国 Made in New Zealand